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The 7 day Herbal tea lung detox programme 🌬️
 The 7-day Tea Lung detox programme:
Like you heart, your lungs work all day every day providing a service that you literally could not live without. There are many factors that can take away from how well our lungs perform, and if these factors are part of your life, a lung detox may be just the thing you need.

Some of the things that get in the way of optimal lung health include..
  • Living in a polluted environment 
  • ​Leading sedentary lifestyle 
  • Dealing with recurring allergies or other respiratory complaints
  • ​Improper or shallow breathing habits 
  • ​Smoking now or in the past
In this programme we are going to introduce you to a nearly  effortless 7-day program that will bathe your lungs in the healing power of four beautiful herbs known for their relationship to one of our most precious body systems. These herbs are easy to find, simple to prepare, and a treat to sip each day. As we go on  I'll teach you how to select the herbs, how to brew the perfect healing herbal tea, how to experience the most gentle and effective lung detox possible, and i'll even introduce you to some important ideas about breathing and exercising your lungs.

Take a deep breath and turn the page to get started!
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Learn & Get Advice Directly From Experts
Elizabeth Moffett is a practicing registered respiratory therapist and certified Asthma educator. She has been teaching COPD students for 12 years and runs a rehabilitation clinic 
- Elizabeth Moffett
After this program, Start experiencing:
  • Deeper and  more relaxed breathing 
  • Learn empowering breathing/lung exercises
  • Clear out phlegm and mucous
  • Cleanse toxins
  • Increase lung circulation
Introducing The The 7 Day Herbal Tea Lung Detox Programme
Let the healing begin! It's time to embark on your own 7- day lung detox to help your lungs clean, heal and strengthen using the power of healing herbal tea. Although the detox focuses o using tea, we will be adding in extra thing you can do to supercharge just how effective and powerful your weeek will be. Fell free to exclude anything that doesn't work for you, but please consider trying it all!
The 7 Day Herbal Tea Lung Detox Programme
Day 1

The 7 Day Herbal Tea Lung Detox Programme
Day 2
The 7 Day Herbal Tea Lung Detox Programme
Day 3

Check Out Some Recent Feedback
From Members Of Our Community!
"My chest wall muscles have been weakened by MS and haven't had the best time breathing with ease. This programme has been very helpful in managing my breathe!''
Rachel B.
''This is the best on the internet for COPD exercises , Its like visiting friends everyday i really look forward to seeing the group and doing the exercises, Been following along for about a year now and really think they help me , Much more then anything i have found ''
''I have COPD. The exercise I have learnt in this programme helped with my breathing from the first time I used them. So good and not too strenuous. Best I have tried. Thanks xx''
Jennifer P.
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The 7 Day Herbal Tea Lung Detox Programme
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